How to Prepare For a Successful Social Security Disability Hearing

The Social Security disability evaluation process is very complex, bureaucratic and heavily regulated. The Social Security Administration’s rulings often even defy common sense. To successfully navigate through this frustrating process, it is imperative that you hire a Nashville disability advocate to help you get the disability benefits you need to get your life back on track.

It is common for the Social Security Administration to deny disability benefits at the initial application level, forcing the majority of claimants to appeal their application to the hearing level before an administrative law judge. If you are amongst the majority of claimants with a pending disability hearing, you and your Nashville disability advocate need to properly prepare in advance to make sure you provide the judge with the necessary information for a favorable ruling.

The Importance of Preparation

In preparing for a Social Security disability hearing, your Nashville disability advocate will first need to review your Social Security file in detail and identify the reasons why your initial application was denied. After identifying the key legal issues necessary to win your case, your advocate will then gather the evidence from your medical records and employment documents to support the arguments you need to make to the administrative law judge at your disability hearing.

Your Nashville disability advocate will also determine whether it will be beneficial to your case if you hire vocational and medical experts to testify at your hearing to further prove your case to the administrative law judge.

Before the day of your hearing, you will meet with your advocate to discuss the administrative details of your hearing to make sure you completely understand what to expect at your hearing.

You will also go over a list of possible questions and topics the administrative law judge may ask and address during your hearing. It is not advised that you simply memorize answers to anticipated questions. Rather, your Nashville disability advocate will prepare you to be familiar with what may be asked of you and to be able to effectively answer these questions.

With adequate preparation and a strong case file in hand, you will feel confident and ready to go to your Social Security disability hearing and get the disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Winning You the Benefits You Are Entitled To

Using our experience and knowledge in the complex Social Security disability system, we successfully guide our clients through every step of the process to get them approved for the disability benefits they deserve.