Nashville Disability Advocate

Protecting Your Right to obtaining Disability benefits

When an injury or an illness prevents you from being gainfully employed, you may be qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) routinely denies legitimate claims for disability benefits, leaving disabled individuals feeling helpless and hopeless in getting the financial support they need to support themselves and their families.

Simple Design, Harsh Reality

The Social Security Disability system was designed to help individuals who become disabled and can no longer work to financially sustain themselves and their families. But this simple design is overshadowed by the harsh reality that convincing the government you need disability benefits can be confusing and extremely difficult.

The Claims Process

In order to apply and obtain Social Security disability insurance benefits, you must complete an application and have it approved by the SSA. In preparing a successful application, you must prove to the SSA examiner reviewing your application that you are suffering from a medical condition that prevents you from engaging in substantially gainful activity (SGA) and that you meet the work history and other requirements required by the SSA.

It is very common for the SSA to deny the majority of initial disability applications. But with the assistance of a Nashville disability advocate, your chances of success at the hearing level will significantly increase.

The Social Security Disability system is a confusing maze of applications, denials and appeals. It is an intimidating and time consuming process that even the most disabled claimants may shy away from. But with a Nashville disability advocate by your side, you can be confident that you have the experience and knowledge you need to successfully navigate through the claims process.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do

The Social Security Disability system works under a “contingency fee agreement,” in which disability advocates get paid only if their clients are awarded benefits. In other words, if you do not win your case, your Nashville disability advocate cannot collect any fees.

The usual fee for an advocate who successfully gets disability benefits for their client is 25 percent of any “back pay” that the claimant receives. More simply put, the fee is one-fourth of the benefits that build up by the time you are found disabled and you actually receive Social Security disability benefits. “Back pay” is the money that you should have received from Social Security from the time you became disabled and could no longer be gainfully employed.

In the majority of cases, the fee is even capped at $6,000. However, in situations where the advocate files an appeal after the first Administrative Law Hearing, the $6,000 limit may be waived. Nevertheless, the fee will never exceed 25 percent of the back pay and will never be taken out of the future disability benefits awarded to you.

Don’t Fight Alone. We Can Help.

When your financial livelihood is at stake, you need a Nashville disability advocate you can depend on to fight for the Social Security disability benefits to which you are entitled.